Zero Waste Produce Bags

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Zero Waste Produce Bags & Lifestyle Products

Whichever way we want to look at it, the world has a problem with plastic. Some experts predict that our production of plastic is set to grow by ten times in the next few years, if we aren’t able to get our single use plastic habits under control. The fact is, the larger the piece of plastic, the longer it takes to break down into microplastics, be it in landfill or waterways. The bigger pieces could take centuries to become micro, but these tiny particles will never fully decompose. Disturbing to think about, but the real question is: what are we going to do about it?

When you realise that the largest secondary sources of plastic waste and pollution comes from domestic consumption (bottles, bags, packaging for our food, etc.) the answer seems clear. We have to reduce personal consumption now. That’s why Onya created zero waste produce bags and lifestyle products that not only reduce the need for single use plastic, but are made from recycled plastic too!

Reasons to Replace Single Use Plastic Bags With Zero Waste Produce Bags

Apples, pears, broccoli and greens, almost everything we buy in the fresh produce aisle is presented ‘naked’ in its most beautiful state. Great! Until you realise the grocer encourages you to take it home in one single use plastic bag for each item, only to throw it away when you get home. Those flimsy plastic bags are not only damaging to the environment; they’re also pretty much useless for any other purpose. Here’s where we welcome to the stage our Onya Reusable Produce Bags, available in five and eight packs.

Made from BPA-Free recycled plastic drinks bottles which have avoided the landfill, our deceptively strong mesh bags are the perfect buddy for your broccoli or pal for your pomegranate. These super light lovelies weigh in at only 10grams, barely brushing a produce scale. They are see through so cashiers can easily identify your purchase, and washable when the need arises. In short, what’s not to love about these environment saving sacks?

You can choose from four eco warrior colours for your new bags, and for all our vegan friends, there’s no need to worry.. Not just for produce, these mesh bags can even help you dry your herbs or make nut milk and can be used for storage of certain items like bath time toys (due to their breathable nature). There’s not much our favourite bag can’t do and, when it’s done, at most it only needs a quick wash and dry before its ready to do it all over again. Unbeatable, reusable, value.

See it, buy it, but don’t bin it!

Our commitment, as a certified B Corporation and eco-focused company, is to introduce sustainable practices wherever we can and that includes packaging. What kind of environmentally friendly store would we be if we didn’t think through every step of the chain? That’s why you can be sure that, once you’ve bought your favourite lifestyle products from Onya, all of the packaging we deliver to you will be made from post-consumer recycled goods and printed with the finest water-based inks. You can recycle our packs or, if you’re green fingered, you can even compost them. So, don’t delay, order your first delivery today!

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of resuable produce bags, reusable vegetable bags, reusable shopping bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.
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