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What You Need To Know About Bottled Water [Video]


Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first Onya video blog!

We’re looking at a subject which affects each and every one of us, water. As humans, we need water to survive, but how are you drinking your H2O? It’s easy enough to grab a plastic bottle from the supermarket, but what you may not realise is how much it’s costing both the planet and your back pocket.

National Geographic estimates that the world spends over $1.2 billion on bottled water each year, making it up to 2000 times more expensive than drinking out of the tap according to consumer advocacy group, Choice. For some developing countries without a reliable or safe water source, bottled water is seen as a trusted option, but here in Australia, all homes should have access to clean tap water.

Over the space of a year, drinking two litres of water a day from disposable, single-use bottles could cost you $2,800 says Choice. From the tap? Around $1.50.

But what about the environmental costs? Fossil fuels are involved throughout the bottling process, from the extraction of the oil needed to make the plastic, to the manufacturing of the bottles themselves. Not to mention transportation costs, or the waste disposal process.

So what can we do about it?

First, make sure you’re recycling all the appropriate plastic packaging in your home. Say ‘no’ to bottled water by getting a reusable drink bottle, which you can fill from the tap. At Onya, we’ve used stainless steel to make our drink bottles. Durable and safe for you and the whole family, you can fill our bottles up from the tap for years to come.

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