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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Onya’s BPA Free Bottles

When it comes to drink bottles, it’s fair to say that not all are made equal. Here at Onya, we’re not huge fans of single-use plastic bottles – too few are recycled, choking our planet when they end up in landfill.

Not only are you not giving the environment a fair go with your plastic bottles, your back pocket is also taking a hit. The commercial sale of bottled water is an extremely pricey business, and it makes absolutely no sense for the average Australian to be pouring their hard-earned money down the drain.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all of this by investing in a water bottle which will stand the test of time, as well as whatever you or you kids can throw at it. We take a look at ten things you should know about our fantastic BPA free drink bottles.

1. They’re made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most sensible material to make drink bottles from. Free of any shady chemicals and toxins contained in plastics like BPA, our drink bottles are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. The favoured material for food and beverage industries, stainless steel doesn’t need a protective lining and it won’t leach flavours from your drink, leaving it fresh for you to enjoy.

2. They’re built to handle a few knocks

Our ergonomic design means that the bottle isn’t going to slip out of your hand when you’re using it. Even though they may feel lightweight, our Onya bottles are constructed from the thickest possible grade of stainless steel, making them one tough product. In addition, the flat base means that if your bottle does take a tumble, it’s more than able to handle the impact. We’ve built these bottles to last.

3. They come in three sizes

Our Onya stainless steel bottles come in a small (500ml), medium (750ml) and large (1000ml)— so whether you’re packing it into a little one’s school backpack, a gym bag, or are just trying to fit it into your shoulder bag or handbag for work, there will be an Onya bottle for you.

4. They can open wide 

The wide opening of our Onya stainless steel drink bottles makes them easy to keep clean. It also makes it easy for you to fill your bottle with all sorts of delicious smoothies and juices as well as the ability to pop some ice inside for a hot day, or add a fruity twist to your water with citrus slices.

5. They come in multiple colours

Seven colours, in fact. Whether you want something subtle, or you’re after a more cheerful colour, we’ll have a hue to suit you.

6. They’ve got their own jackets 

As well as being eco-friendly, our bottles also have their very own insulating sleeves. Our premium neoprene cleanskins provide your bottle with extra protection, as well as keeping your drink fresher for longer. Check them out as well as our other accessories like carabiners and lanyards.

Plus you can pick your favourite lid…

7. The flip ‘n’ flow

The default lid for our bottles, the flip ‘n’ flow is the easiest lid to open and close, providing a good drinking flow. The flip top design keeps the spout clean when not in use and prevents kids from chewing through it!

8. The twist top loop 

This twist top lid pops open when in use, with a handy carry loop.

9. The screw top

This screw top lid has a stainless steel inner and a foodsafe, BPA free outer, with its very own carabiner for easy transport.

10. The classic sports

This is a simple pop up lid with a dust cap. Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic.

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