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Reusable Coffee Mugs better than Recyclable Cups

Demand for reusable coffee mugs in Perth is booming right now, and one of the companies that kick started the whole trend for reusable takeaway mugs was Onya.

You can use our silicone reusable coffee mugs anywhere, but they’re especially good in places where disposable plastic or paper cups are normally used. Not only are they a better choice for the environment, but it’s highly likely they’re better for your health too.

Why Reusables Coffee Mugs?

The question of why we need reusable coffee cups in Perth is a good one. Perth has a low population level compared to other states, and a lot of land area which is mostly desert, so it would not seem like landfill pollution is a big deal.

The truth is, however, that pollution really can cause harm in a number of ways, and anything that can be done to reduce it is a positive thing. Because we have the option not to add to pollution in this way, there is no good reason not to exercise that option.

The potential is there to reduce the number of takeaway cups going into landfill by an amazing 400 million per year.

While that level of reduction is probably not a realistic goal, you really have to wonder what kind of damage is inflicted by 400 million cups being thrown away year upon year, and these cups, whether they be paper or plastic, never break down.

It’s also worth remembering that not all of those disposable cups actually do make it to landfill. Quite a lot of people just throw them out on the side of the highway, where they spoil the view and pose a risk to our already vulnerable native wildlife.

It just makes more sense to buy reusable coffee mugs, because the environmental cost of disposables is just too high.

Why silicone?

Silicone is the perfect choice for manufacturing the best reusable coffee mugs in Perth due to its special properties.

Silicone is 100 percent chemically inert. This means that unlike paper, plastics, or even ceramics, there is zero chance of toxins being released when hot water is added.

Another good thing about silicone is that it offers good insulation against heat, so even when you add boiling hot water to the cup, you can still pick it up comfortably. Cups made from other materials don’t have that ability.

Silicone is also extremely durable and really easy to clean, so you can reuse the cup over and over again without problems.

We use silicone because it is safe, is an excellent insulator, and holds its shape well. It’s virtually indestructible unless you deliberately set out to destroy it, and it’s not exorbitantly expensive. All of these properties make it ideal.

Buy online from Onya

You can now buy reusable coffee mugs online in Perth from Onya. The cups are also available from selected retailers. If you love coffee and hate waste, get your Onya reusable coffee mug today.

The wonderful retro look and non-slip exterior surface make these cups a real joy. The chemically inert silicone substance they are made from is totally safe and won’t adulterate the taste of your drink in any way.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable coffee mugs throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of stainless steel water bottles, green products, green bags, reusable bread bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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