Recycled Plastic Products

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Plastic that finds its way into our oceans kills an estimated 1,000,000 marine creatures each year. By reducing air quality and increasing the toxicity of the oceans they are also a contributor to climate change. Reducing the use of plastics is an important step to keeping our environment and all living things healthy.

Making the Problem the Solution: A Look at Products Made from Recycled Plastic

Recycling plastics and making them into new products is the perfect way of making the problem a part of the solution. This practice has increased in popularity in recent years and it’s now possible for customers to find a wide range of recycled plastic products.

At Onya Life we take great pride in the range of recycled plastic products that we offer and we have created this post to tell you a little more about some of our favourites.

Coffee Cups Made From Recycled Plastic

Less than 1 percent of disposable coffee cups are recycled and the plastic lining makes them a serious threat to the environment. An estimated 2,700,000 coffee cups are used each day of the year which results in around 1 billion cups per year. Most of us love our coffee but this is clearly unsustainable!

This is why we offer reusable coffee cups that are great looking and cool to the touch. They are light, tough and very durable so they can be used again and again. They are also made from 100% food-safe silicone so the coffee you work so hard to get just right won’t be affected!

Dog Waste Disposal Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Products

Our furry friends are perhaps one of the best things about Mother Nature! We share the planet with them and we have a responsibility to take good care of them. This means that when we take care of their waste we should use materials that keep the world safe for us and for them.

Many people use materials that are non-recyclable but these compostable waste bags are made from 100% plant-based materials so they can biodegrade without leaving behind any nasty micro-plastics. They also come with a convenient carry pouch with an attached carabiner clip so that they are easy to carry and use at just a moment’s notice.

Side Bags Made From Recycled Plastic

Side bags are awesome and they are a great way to transport a range of belongings throughout the day. Our side bags are particularly stylish and they are multipurpose with some of our customers using them as shoulder bags, messenger bags, satchel bags and also pram bags.

They are made from up to 11 recycled plastic bottles so they make the problems a part of the solution. The bag is also very strong and super lightweight at just 90 grams.

Shop for Recycled Plastic Products Australia Citizens Love

We hope that these innovative products made from recycled plastic have piqued your interest and given you an idea of how you can begin to further reduce your footprint. If you would like to learn more about us and our products then you should be sure to visit our website.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable shopping bags, reusable coffee mugs, reusable ziplock bags, fabric lunch bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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