Plastic Free July

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Are you joining our Plastic Free July?

Plastic pollution is a big issue in the world right now, so this July we’re urging everyone to go single use plastic free. While it may sound hard at first, you’ll soon see how easy it is to ditch single use plastic and how many alternatives there are out there. Businesses big and small are doing their parts to cut down on plastics, so why shouldn’t you give it a go?

Why You Should Join In

Around the world, nearly 150 million tonnes of plastic is used once and then thrown away each year – 50% of all plastic produced. This is enough to circle the Earth 4 times. Unfortunately, a significant amount of this ends up in the oceans, which not only harms the environment but the wildlife too. According to the Ocean Conservancy, plastic has been found in every species of sea turtle and over 60% of all sea birds.

While there’s no quick fix to undo all the damage we’ve done to the environment, if everyone works together, we can make the world better for future generations. By participating in Plastic Free July, people have reduced their household waste by an average of 76kg per household per year and contributed to a total saving of 490 million kg of plastic waste per year. A little bit goes a long way.

What You Can Do This July

We use more single-use plastic than you might think. Starting out can be hard, but you can find reusable and sustainable alternatives to almost everything.

You can swap out:

  • Takeaway coffee cups – How many disposable coffee cups do you see all over? A lot of coffee shops will now offer a discount if you bring your own cups.
  • Pre-packed fruit and vegetables – most supermarkets will sell loose fruit and vegetables, cutting down on not only single-use plastic but on food waste, as you can buy as much or as little as you need rather than just how much is in the package.
  • Shopping bags – 20,700 tonnes of disposable plastic bags are thrown away each year in Australia. Reusable shopping bags last far longer than a single-use plastic shopping bag and we offer bags made from recycled plastic drink bottles.
  • Plastic straws – Most restaurants and businesses are swapping their plastic straws in favour of paper ones, but there are a range of alternatives to use if you don’t like paper ones. For example, you can buy reusable metal and bamboo straws or simply refuse a straw.
  • Plastic cling wrap – Cling wrap is not only a pain to use, but it can also take up to 1,000 years to decompose naturally. We sell reusable lunch wraps, which make it easy to have a zero-waste sandwich or snack and they are easy to clean and use again.

This Is Just The Start

Join Plastic Free July to challenge yourself to ditch single-use plastic today. You might just find yourself getting into new, zero-waste habits all year round.

Keep an eye on to see what progress we’re making in the world by going plastic-free for a month.

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