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Your produce need to be kept fresh and healthy, and plastic bags and wraps are not really the way to do that. Not only do they sweat and begin to lose their freshness in plastic, but the plastic is also harmful to the environment. Onya’s design team have created a range of reusable bags, including reusable produce bags, made from recycled material that will help you in your quest to go green.

As recycled product manufacturers we are working to ensure that your carbon footprint is minimised by giving you the opportunity to buy our eco-friendly reusable bags to use when you shop. We know that as an eco-friendly consumer, your use of recycled products is an important part of your contribution to diminishing your carbon footprint and leaving a good legacy for generations to come. It is important for us to help you achieve this.

No More Plastic

A trip to the grocer or supermarket entails walking out with several plastic bags that you often just throw away once your groceries have been popped into the fridge or food cabinets. Once you put them into the appropriate recycling garbage bin, you rarely think further than that about them, and repeat this cycle time and again.

Sadly, this is the practice of many consumers. What happens thereafter is that they end up in landfills, and the landfills fill up, and new ones have to be created. This too is a recurring cycle and its implications are an ever-growing menace to the environment. Plastic takes 10 to 1000 years to decompose, yet every day we continue to create more and more landfills filled with plastic.

Environment Friendly Recycled Products

Onya’s team of dedicated employees would like to offer you an opportunity to stop this negative cycle and create a new one, in which your shopping is not resulting in the need for another landfill and further pile-up of plastic waste.

We have designed durable and long lasting bags made from recycled material that replace those plastic ones you can easily give up to create a new cycle of sustainability. By using any of our bags, a new loop is created in which you continually re-use your item made from 100% recycled plastic thus further reducing plastic waste.

Switching to our reusable bags means you also share the message, and raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and need for change. Our reusable bags are the ideal way to shop at the grocer or farmers market. Some of the added advantages of using them are:

  • They are lightweight yet very durable
  • They are made from recycled material
  • They are 100% recyclable themselves

As recycled product manufacturers, we understand what is important both to you and the environment, and we work hard to ensure our products incorporate aesthetics, functionality, durability, and sustainability. Why not browse online to see what we can offer you?

We offer a 12 month manufacturer warranty and ship to you within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. And as you would expect, our packaging and shipping materials are 100% plastic free.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable shopping bags, reusable coffee mugs, reusable ziplock bags, fabric lunch bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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