“ Providing a sustainable alternative to the traditional fundraising model of bake sales and chocolate drives ”

Onya Fundraising is a great opportunity for your contributors to support your cause by purchasing products that are environmentally friendly, high quality, useful and actively contribute to reducing single use plastic.


Fundraising with Onya

There are few options available to most of us when given the task of coming up with great fundraising ideas. There are many things to consider.  Some of the most common questions that come to mind are:
  • What is our fundraising target?
  • What haven’t people seen before in fundraising? (Why should they buy from us?)
  • Who will we sell to? (How big is our potential market?)
  • Does this mean I have to bake?
  • If I don’t bake, who will?
  • Where and when are we going to hold the stall?
  • Who will set up and man the stall?

Sustainable Fundraising Ideas with Eco-Friendly Products

Onya provides a great alternative to the traditional fundraising model of bake sales and chocolate drives and is a great opportunity for your contributors to purchase something that is environmentally friendly, high quality and useful. Below are just some of the great reasons you should consider Onya for your next fundraising venture:
  • Selling Onya for fundraising provides a memorable and eco-friendly alternative to the sale of “traditional” fundraising items such as cakes and chocolate
  • Be proud of selling products that are not only high quality, useful and functional, but are designed to be durable and last for years to come…and not contribute to your waistline!
  • Onya products are 100% recyclable, and wherever possible, made from recycled materials
  • Get rewarded for your efforts – with healthy profit margins of 40%+, you are guaranteed to get to your fundraising target faster.
  • Quick, easy and cost effective to set up and begin reaching your fundraising goals
Please note: While we have happily serviced many local governments and councils since 2004, we unfortunately cannot be affiliated with any particular political party. As our brand and products are very well known here in Australia and internationally, it is important to us that we stay politically neutral and keep focussed on the issues that concern us and our followers, the issue of plastic pollution. We hope you will understand that we believe the health of the environment is bigger than any political party, and our followers will expect us to be free from political agenda in our pursuit of positive change on plastic pollution. Unlike local governments/councils, branding our products for any specific political party or member may be construed as support for that party or individual and as mentioned above we must remain politically neutral. Read Less




Our easiest fundraiser approach! Apply for a unique code, market to your supporters and receive a percentage of sales made using your unique code.  We pick, pack & ship the goods for you.



Place your order, set your products up for display and sell at a fete or market stall taking payments on the day



Send out order sheets to your supporters, collate them, collect payments, submit your order, and then distribute the orders to each supporter

Onya fundraising

Want to know more about how Onya Fundraising might work for you? Click below to read our case study on the Maarifa Foundation

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