Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

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As man made damage to our planet becomes more pronounced every year, people are looking for the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts for friends and family: gifts that show love to friends and planet alike. It’s important that we all do our part, and what better way than showing our loved ones our commitment to taking care of our world?

The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2020

1. Drink Bottles

According to The World Counts, 100 million plastic bottles are used every day, and only one out of five are recycled. That leaves a lot of plastic bottles in landfills and even worse, in the oceans.

By gifting a handy reusable stainless steel drink bottle, you can ensure your loved ones not only stay hydrated, but also keep their plastic out of our oceans. There are a variety of bottles available, in an array of colour and sizes.

2. Coffee Cups

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Daily trips to the coffee shop can really add to the piles of tossed paper cups.

Find a great reusable coffee cup for all the caffeine addicts you know! Many coffee shops even offer a discount if you bring your own cup, saving your friends money while they save the environment. Win, win!

3. Shopping Bags

Grab a reusable shopping bag for an easy and thoughtful gift. These bags can be easily thrown in a purse or stored in the car, so one is always nearby for shopping trips!

There are 160,000 plastic bags used every second. Imagine how many of those end up polluting our beautiful planet. Reusable shopping bags are an easy way to limit the need for plastic bags.

4. Reusable Bread Bags

Do you have a home baker in your life? Gift them with a handy reusable bread bag! These bags are double lined and made from 10x recycled plastic drink bottles and are designed to replace single-use paper or plastic bread bags. The top of the bag rolls down and clips closed forming a handle for easy transport.  They are even freezer proof to allow you to keep your loaf fresher for longer.

5. Lunch Wraps

No more wasting a bag or cling film for each and every sandwich. With lunch wraps, you can take any sandwich or snack on the go without worrying about extra waste! These lunch wraps are reusable, washable, lightweight and feature window for adding a name or the details of what is inside.  They also come in a variety of colours.

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