Bin Liners

Bin Liners

Varying Compostable Bag Bin SizesDue to overwhelming requests from our customers, we are pleased to be able to offer you our full range of certified compostable bin liners.

While our first preference is composting your wet waste if possible cutting out the need for bin liners at all, we understand that each household is different and opting for no bin liner may not work for you.

When it comes to disposable bin liners, there can be a lot of mis-information out there and as this sector is rapidly developing, it can be hard to know what to look for in a bin liner.

Through our contacts in the industry and our thorough research, we believe that our bin liners meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility available on the market at this time. Our research of course is ongoing and as new information comes to light on this subject, you can be assured that we will always aim to offer our customers the most sustainable choice we can.

What makes our Compostable Bin Liners so good?

Unlike some other bags on the market, our bags are CERTIFIED compostable to Australian, European, USA & Japanese standards, which means they have been independently assessed to break down to virtually undetectable levels in the soil and are deemed “worm safe” with no micro plastic residues left behind.

Our compostable bin liners are available in 4 sizes (8L, 30L, 36L and 60L) and are made from 100% GMO free renewable plants and are free from any plastic additives such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene & PVC.

Our compostable bin liners are certified compostable in industrial composting facilities. As industrial composting facilities operate hot composts of between 50c-60c, our bags will break down within around 12 weeks. Our bags will of course break down over a longer period of time in general waste facilities, however due to the lack of necessary microbes found in these facilities it can take 6-12 months or more for the bags to break down to their natural cellulose beginnings.

Although at this stage our bags aren’t certified “home compostable” they can still be used in this environment, but like a general waste facility will simply take longer to break down if not hot composted.

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR USE: As our liners are compostable, unlike traditional single use plastic bin liners, it is important they are used ideally within 3-6 months of purchase and kept in a cool dark space, otherwise they may start to break down.

Compostable bin liners need to be treated slightly differently to traditional plastic bin liners as the material they are made from is designed to break down easier than plastic – which is a good thing, however, this may mean that if placing wet waste in your bin liners you need to empty your bin more frequently as if moisture is added, the composting process may begin and could lead to spills or splitting when emptying your bin on a weekly basis.

If possible, wrapping your wet waste in old newspaper first may help increase the life of your bag by preventing moisture from building up.

Sizing Guide:

Although bin liners have a litre capacity mentioned, this does not necessarily match the exact litre size of your bin. Due to the gusseted bottom in the bag, the bags lose a little height when in the bin, so we recommend the following:

8L/2.1 Gallon Liner – 5-6 Litre/1.5 Gallon capacity bins

30L/7.9 Gallon Liner – 15-20 Litre/4-5 Gallon capacity bins

36L/9.5 Gallon Liner – 25- 30 Litre/6-7 Gallon capacity bins

60L/15.8 Gallon Liner – 45-55 Litre/11-14 Gallon capacity bins

Bin shapes can vary, but the bags do fit most bin types if matched to bin sizing mentioned above.


Why you should ditch Plastic Bin Liners and Use Compostable Ones Instead

Single-use plastic liners have traditionally been a staple in kitchens and homes around the globe. Liners keep trash bins cleaner and odour-free, and they make it easier to empty large bins, with less chance of rogue bits of garbage escaping to litter the streets. But as plastics continue to contaminate our oceans and landfills, their use becomes more harmful to the environment and to ourselves. Switching to compostable alternative bin liners is a small effort that can make a huge difference in reducing that impact.

1. Better for the Environment

The average single-use disposable liner is used for only a few days, and only roughly 1% of plastic liners are recycled. It’s known that plastic can take from 500-2000 years to fully decompose, whereas compostable liners are gone in a matter of weeks. Also, mass-producing single-use plastic bags requires a vast amount of industrial energy and toxic chemicals, which are alleviated by using eco-friendly alternatives that are plant-based, renewable, and 100% GMO-free.

2. Better for Wildlife

Choosing to use compostable bin liners in Australia, especially, reduces harmful plastics in oceans and landfills that kill hundreds of thousands of native land and marine plants and animals every year. Our native wildlife is already struggling to survive, so it’s our responsibility to do whatever we can to help.

3. Better for You and Your Family

These versatile and sustainable bin liners are environmentally friendly and come in a variety of sizes, from very small car-sized bins to large 30L bins, giving you lots of flexibility in using them the way you need to.  The fact that they are made of extra strong material makes them tear and puncture-resistant, keeping you from spilling your waste and making a mess.

4. Better for Your Yard and Garden

Home composting has never been easier! By switching to compostable liners, you can easily compost food scraps to organically fertilize the soil in your yard or garden. For even more nutrient-rich soil, using Certified Compostable bags allows you to start your own worm farm, as these bags let out no harmful micro-plastics when they decompose. Unlike plastic bags, eco-friendly certified compostable liners are completely organic and have no toxic chemicals, parabens, dyes, or additives.

5. Better for Your Workplace

By championing an easy switch to compostable bags within your workplace, you help solidify your company’s commitment to being eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. This also encourages other employees to make the change to sustainable liners for their own homes, exponentially increasing the positive impact of making a better choice.

We are drowning in our own plastic refuse, and if we do nothing, the problem will only get worse. The time has long past for continued inaction, and making the switch to alternative liners for your bins is an easy choice that will have a long-lasting and powerful impact on Australia’s future. To make more of an impact with your everyday choices, visit Onya for more environmentally friendly and sustainable items.


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  • Each roll includes 25 compostable bin liners
  • 100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable bags
  • Palm oil free
  • Superior puncture and tear resistance
  • Available in 4 sizes (8L 30L 36L and 60L)
  • 8L measures 35.5cm long x 41cm wide/14in long x 16in wide
  • 30L measures 57cm long x 51cm wide/22in long x 20in wide
  • 36L measures 65cm long x 56cm wide/25.5in long x 22in wide
  • 60L measures 80cm long x 65cm wide/31in long x 25.5in wide
  • 100% Certified Compostable to Australian, US, European and Japanese standards
  • Deemed “worm safe” with no micro-plastics residue left behind
  • Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, and parabens

Please note: While we strongly encourage going without any form of bin liner (including those made from newspaper), we have had many requests for a better bin liner solution than what is currently widely available on the market, and understand there are those who have a need for a more sustainable bin liner.

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

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